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Basic Instructions
  1. Type your search (phrase or keywords) into the textbox.
  2. Select the Search criteria you want to use: Exact Phrase, All Words or Any Word.
  3. Click the Find button.

See the topics following directly below for more detailed explanations and instructions.

Exact Phrase Searches

The Exact Phrase search method looks for the Exact Phrase you type into the search box. You do not need to add quotes, just enter in the phrase you want to find. Search will return results that contain at least one occurrence of the exact string of words you entered in the exact order you entered them. Search is not case sensitive.

Keyword Searches (Any Word, All Words)

An Any Word query will return results containing at least one occurrence of at least one of the keywords you enter. This is the least specific type of search. If you are having trouble getting results for your query, use an Any Word query.

An All Words query is more specific and requires that results contain at least one occurrence of every single one of the keywords you enter.

For keyword searches, Search will treat anything separated by spaces as distinct words. Search is not case sensitive.

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