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Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Update Rollup 3  7/10
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 provides built-in protection technologies to help keep the e-mail system up and running and better protected from outside threats while allowing employees to work from wherever they are using a variety of clients including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and mobile devices. It makes it easier for IT to deliver these new capabilities to their organizations by making the messaging environment easier to manage and more cost efficient.

SQL Server 2008 to finally be released, but probably not in August  7/10
Giving itself a little more wiggle room, company representatives stated at a conference today that the new database server would be "priced" in August, leading some to conclude that`s when SQL Server 2008 would be released.

VShell Server Beta 1  7/10
VShell server for SSH2 provides secure access to Windows servers based on the Secure Shell client/server protocol. It can be used for secure network access, system administration, and file transfer. It provides access through an encrypted tunnel to e-mail, databases and other TCP/IP applications. Files can be transferred securely using SSH2 client SFTP and SCP commands.

Windows XP x64 Edition Reaches RC2  2/9
Closing in on a scheduled April release, Microsoft has delivered to testers Release Candidate 2 of Windows XP x64 Edition, along with RC2 of Windows Server 2003 SP1. x64 is designed to operate with consumer 64-bit processors.

Microsoft to Provide Glimpse of `Indigo`  2/9
Microsoft told attendees of the VSLive conference in San Francisco that it will deliver a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Longhorn`s "Indigo" communications subsystem by the end of March. The CTP source code will follow and contain aspects of the WinFX programming model and, when released, will join Longhorn`s Avalon presentation system in the public domain.

Fat Patch Tuesday Arrives  2/9
In the second largest security bulletin since moving to monthly updates, Microsoft issued a total of 12 fixes to address flaws in SharePoint, Microsoft`s .NET Framework, Office and Windows Media Player. Of the updates, nine pertain to Windows and eight are deemed "critical," the most severe designation.

Longhorn to `Sparkle` With New Developer Tool  11/8
According to reports, Microsoft is busy sculpting the form of a potential Flash competitor code-named "Sparkle." Word has it that Redmond`s tool will serve as a developer`s front-end to build applications upon Longhorn`s next generation Avalon graphics subsystem. Sparkle is intended to automate the coding of XAML-based applications.

Windows Update 5 Prepped for XP SP2, New IE  11/8
Microsoft has put pen to paper in outlining its vision for Windows Update. Even though version 4 is still in use by beta testers, Microsoft has drawn up its roadmap for the service`s next generation. Windows Update 5.0 is set to enter into testing before the end of this year and will offer SP2 for Windows XP and an updated release of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Offers Bounty on Virus Writers  11/8
In an allusion to the wild west, Microsoft will offer bounties to tipsters who hand over information leading to the arrest and conviction of cyber criminals. The newly minted "Anti-Virus Reward Program," in partnership with law enforcement, has been funded by Redmond with an initial $5 million investment.

Security Rollup Planned for Windows XP  9/14
Microsoft is hurrying to produce a post Service Pack 1 security rollup package for Windows XP, reversing its August decision to rely solely on Windows Update to deliver individual patches. Since it came to light that Windows XP SP2 was delayed until at least mid-2004, pressure has mounted for Redmond to tend to customers without broadband connections.

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